On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 05:15, Richard Lynch wrote:
> >I am wondering if anyone has created or know where I can get a code for
> >browsing files and directory in using php in linux. The one I am looking
> >for is file browsing capability that is similar to Window Explorer,
> >meaning you can expand and collapse directory.
> Are you browsing the files across an HTTP connection?
> Cuz all the little triangles and stuff are gonna get dog-slow for most
> users...

Yes, I am plannig to browse the files accross http conn. However, most
of the user is going to be in the LAN, thus speed is not that much a
problem. And I'm probably not going to use any image. Plus this is a
part of bigger apps, and it just seems convenience to have something
likt this.
> Every single click will probably require another HTTP request...

Correct. I toy with the idea of using javascript instead, but that means
I have to load everything at once to the client side. That is not really
healthy, as it might crash the browser. But again, this is not the
primary part of the apps.

> At any rate, search the code archives listed at:
> http://php.net/links.php

Have not found anything so far. I might just start doing it myself. 
But Thanks for the reply.

Reuben D. Budiardja

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