I have a DB that will take answers to an 82 question survey, but i have the 
survey divided into 4 html pages(forms) of 20 or so question per page. The 
people taking the survey are not required to fill out every question on the 
survey. i was wondering how i can insert the data into the db this way. For 
the first html page goes to question #24 the next starts at 25 an goes to 
47. How can i enter 25 to 47 into the db and keep it all in numerical order 
when 1-24 are entered first? One more question, does anyone have any 
recommendations on how i can make it so the users can take page one of the 
survey and then come back and finish pages 2 (or something similar to this 
where they finish one of the pages and come back to finish the others later) 
later? Thanks in advance.

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