maybe yuou could try passing the variables into an input hidden field, so
you know the answer wont be uncomplete, and you insert all of them in the
last page.

Flavio Bastos Amiel

"Rick Widmer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> At 01:56 PM 7/29/02 +0000, Tyler Durdin wrote:
> >I have a DB that will take answers to an 82 question survey, but i have
> >the survey divided into 4 html pages(forms) of 20 or so question per
> >The people taking the survey are not required to fill out every question
> >on the survey. i was wondering how i can insert the data into the db this
> >way. For example,
> >the first html page goes to question #24 the next starts at 25 an goes to
> >47. How can i enter 25 to 47 into the db and keep it all in numerical
> >order when 1-24 are entered first? One more question, does anyone have
> >recommendations on how i can make it so the users can take page one of
> >survey and then come back and finish pages 2 (or something similar to
> >where they finish one of the pages and come back to finish the others
> >later) later? Thanks in advance.
> If I was doing it, I would probably INSERT a mostly empty record in the
> database when they start the survey.  It would just have the info to
> identify the person.  Then on each page of the survey you can UPDATE the
> fields for that page.  If you want to allow them to make changes it should
> be pretty easy.
> Rick

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