The guy just wanted fast help. It is obvious that he is not advanced it
time transformations and functions. I think that he didn't ask bad question.
WHich are bad - his questions or "What the **** is php?".
When he has more time he will take better look at the docs :)) Some people
always experiment some not.

Kind regards,
Andrey Hristov

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> > Ok here is what I did.
> >  $Hist_Time = gmstrftime('%m:%d:%Y', strtotime("-10 days"));
> >
> > Now I am wondering if there is a way to look for only the last day
> business
> > days and be returned in an array?
> What have you tried? How much longer do we have to hold your hand?
> Not to be too rude or anything, but at least give it a few tries on your
> own, then post your code, what you thought would happen, what actually
> happened, and what help you need. That's how these things are supposed to
> work...
> ---John Holmes...
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