Since you leave your name as 1LT, I am assuming that means 1st LT in what
branch of the service...Army probably and the reserves no less.
I am working on a huge project and write lets of code. Mostly MySql stuff. I
did not know how to do this so I asked. Two people were nice enough to help

It seems you are stuck on yourself and thought I was asking you. There are
many levels in this list with over 11000 posts. Some people help people
because others ask for it. If I wanted you opinion, I would have asked for

I have received 11 emails from this list about your post and all thought you
were being a jerk. If you didn't like what I was asking for you could have
simply not read it or responded. Instead, you post your opinion to the
entire group. You could have just sent it to me directly.

It's people like you who intimidate others from sending a post or worse
replying to someone in fear of someone like you who thinks they are better
then everyone else. The name of this list is not "EXPERTS" or "Only after
you tried several times" it is general.

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Subject: Re: [PHP] Dates and Date()

> > Ok here is what I did.
> >  $Hist_Time = gmstrftime('%m:%d:%Y', strtotime("-10 days"));
> >
> > Now I am wondering if there is a way to look for only the last day
> business
> > days and be returned in an array?
> What have you tried? How much longer do we have to hold your hand?
> Not to be too rude or anything, but at least give it a few tries on your
> own, then post your code, what you thought would happen, what actually
> happened, and what help you need. That's how these things are supposed to
> work...
> ---John Holmes...

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