>The one constant is that if ($row->show_title) is true the table row will
>have a background color then I need to make the rows after that alternate
>until if ($row->show_title) is true again.
>Roughly I have the whole thing laid out like this right now:
>echo "<table BORDER=\"0\" CELLSPACING=\"0\" CELLPADDING=\"2\">\n";

$colors[0] = 'FF0000';
$colors[1] = '00FF00';
$color = 0;
>while($row = mysql_fetch_object($result)) {

if ($row->show_title){

# Now you can use $color % 2 like usual.

>    if($row->show_company && $row->show_title && $row->show_month) {
>  display month;
>    } else if ($row->show_title) {
>  display title;
>  display first row with background color;
>    } else {
>  display rows with no background color; //right here needs to alternate
><tr> background color
>    }
>echo "</table>";
>I think I've been looking at his too long and I just have jello brain right
>now but I just can't seem to straighten this out in my head...
>Thanks for the help...

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