>hi guys i have a big problem i need to fix , i was moving a tar ball to
>another dir , using
>mv ImageMagick-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz /home/usr, i now cannot move into
>the usr directory, it has somehow appended the tar ball into the driectory
>strucuture and cant undo this ? please help

Like, you probably never *HAD* a /home/usr directory in the first place, so
you basically moved it into "/home" and re-named it "usr" instead of

To be 100% certain, download the exact same tarball again and do:

diff /home/usr /new/downloaded/copy/of/ImageMagick...

If nothing comes back, you never had a /home/usr/

If it says the binary files are different, something is very, very, very
wrong on your computer...  Way beyond my ken to fix.

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