>If someone is going to be using scripts that they grabbed
>from a public forum (PHP Builder, PHPClasses, etc) in a
>commercial product (that is going to be compiled with the
>Zend encoder and released), what is the protocol, if any?  
>Do you have to get permission from the author or anything?
>I've read a bit of the GNU Public liscence but I didn't come
>away knowing any more than went I started reading it.  So
>I figure I'd ask here where I'm sure many of you have this
>type of experience.

If the source code in question has *NO* licensing/copyright notice, the
author of the source holds the copyright, and you can't use it legally.

If the source code in question was published under GNU, you're bound by the
GNU license, which I *THINK* let's you use it in a commercial release... 
You'd have to read up on the "examples" of what GNU does/doesn't allow.  I
think the FSF site might have some clear examples.

PHPBuilder itself may or may not require authors to agree that their source
is under some particular license.  You'd have to check each site to see for

If in doubt, contact the author.  Worst that can happen is they want some
money, or you have to come up with a different solution.  Odds are really
really good that there is an alternative solution "out there" to almost
*ANY* of the publicly available code in those forums, or that you could dig
into them for the core of what they do and write your own from scratch.

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