There are many types of licensing and it really depends on what the author
licensed it under. Most are GPL. Normally the first few lines of the LICENSE
file typically included with the dist will explain the details of the
license. If there is not one always assume that if you use any part of it in
a commercial work you must also provide the original source code and the
original license. This does *not* mean that you have to include *your*
source code, but only the original source code. Some licenses are even more
free than that but that is the standard.

Jim Grill
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Subject: [PHP] Public Scripts in a commercial product

> If someone is going to be using scripts that they grabbed
> from a public forum (PHP Builder, PHPClasses, etc) in a
> commercial product (that is going to be compiled with the
> Zend encoder and released), what is the protocol, if any?
> Do you have to get permission from the author or anything?
> I've read a bit of the GNU Public liscence but I didn't come
> away knowing any more than went I started reading it.  So
> I figure I'd ask here where I'm sure many of you have this
> type of experience.
> Chris
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