On 07/29/2002 05:29 PM, Chris Boget wrote:
> If someone is going to be using scripts that they grabbed
> from a public forum (PHP Builder, PHPClasses, etc) in a
> commercial product (that is going to be compiled with the
> Zend encoder and released), what is the protocol, if any?  
> Do you have to get permission from the author or anything?

If a explicit license is not specified, yes. If the license does not 
permit what you want to do, like for instance GPL, you may try asking 
the author as well.

Anyway, by popular demand, some time ago I added the possibility for 
authors specify the license they want they code to be made available in 
the PHP Classes site. You may want to notice in a specific License field 
in the classes' pages.

Not all authors bothered to specify their code license. Therefore, some 
time later I am going to mark the classes without a specific license as 
NOT BEING MAINTAINED precisely because many people like yourself really 
need to know.

> I've read a bit of the GNU Public liscence but I didn't come
> away knowing any more than went I started reading it.  So
> I figure I'd ask here where I'm sure many of you have this
> type of experience.

Yes, I am afraid that regarding GPL I have to agree with Microsoft when 
they say it is a cancer. The problem is that if you want to distribute 
something that incorporates GPL licensed components, your software also 
needs to be distributed as GPL and so it gets contaminated. This means 
that you can't sell your closed source software if you incorporate GPL 

Most people are really not aware of this but because some important 
software like Linux and even MySQL use GPL and so many developers use it 
  without even being aware of the actual license implications (if they 
have read the license at all).

I guess Stallman knew that most people would not read or understand the 
licenses or else many of them would not be adopting GPL as in fact GPL 
based Free as in Stallman free is more restrictive than most people 
intended their Open Source software to be.

Usually I do not recommend GPL at all unless you are aware of what it 
means and that is what you really want it. Usually I recommend BSD 
license or similar like Apache or even PHP license.


Manuel Lemos

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