Save all the entries somewhere programmatically,
then do DELETE * FROM tablename;
re insert all the entries (of course do not enter the ID field, cause it
will be auto assigned).


"Thomas Edison Jr." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Glory!
> I have a table, with 4 columns. One of the column is
> ID, a Primary Key, which has Auto_Increment set on it.
> Now i have a lot of rows deleted and a lot of
> duplicate rows that will be deleted, and all sorts of
> stuff happening in the table.. the result is, that the
> IDs have become inconsistent.
> What you get is something like
> 5,6,9,10,25,32,33 .. and so on. With many IDs missing
> etc.
> What i want to do is delete the entire IDs and
> generate them again so that they are in one single
> order like 1,2,3,4,5... .like this.
> And so that any new entry in the table gets the ID
> accordingly. How can i do this?
> Thanks,
> T. Edison Jr.
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