> What i want to do is delete the entire IDs and
 > generate them again so that they are in one single
 > order like 1,2,3,4,5... .like this. 

I suspect that if your table, as you use it, needs this ordering then
you've got something wrong.  It really shouldn't matter much what the
internal IDs are.

When you extract the data you'll be ordering it by some means that may
or may not include the ID ie. You might sort by date or some other field
in the table, in which case, the ID's are irrelevant - particularly if
you're doing a select that excludes some of the data anyway.

If you seriously need all your id's to be sequential and have no gaps
then I suspect that about the only way you'll achieve it is probably to
drop the contents and enter the information all over again.  Of course,
then you'll need to do the same again if you delete any information from
the table and so on and so on...

There may well be other ways, I've not really looked as I tend to think
a reliance of this sort is counter-productive so I've never needed to

CYA, Dave

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