I have a question concerning characters : I use the function xml_parse on a standalone 
XML file with the encoding "ISO-8859-1" 
and I want to parse it. It contains all types of characters (including control 
characters, so ASCII characters from x0000 to x00FF) so as to send and receive images, 
is it possible?
I noticed that special characters such as "&" "<" ">" """ "'" have to be replaced in 
regard of the W3C definition of XML, and that character such as chr(9) tabulation, 
chr(10) line feed, and chr(13) carriage return are supported by the function xml_parse 
(replaced repectively by &#9; &#10; &#13; but when I try to parse characters such as 
chr(#x0001) or chr(#x001F) (or others) the parser returns me an error even if I 
replace them by &#x (x is the decimal ASCII code of the character). Have you got an 
idea about it?
I tried to find out an answer in the expat scripts used by the function, without any 

Thank you for your answering.

Best regards.

Sébastien Molé.

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