Can't you just use CDATA blocks?

Personally I'd either use an entity reference or base64 the stuff.


On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Sebastien Mole wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a question concerning characters : I use the function xml_parse on a 
>standalone XML file with the encoding "ISO-8859-1"
> and I want to parse it. It contains all types of characters (including control 
>characters, so ASCII characters from x0000 to x00FF) so as to send and receive 
>images, is it possible?
> I noticed that special characters such as "&" "<" ">" """ "'" have to be replaced in 
>regard of the W3C definition of XML, and that character such as chr(9) tabulation, 
>chr(10) line feed, and chr(13) carriage return are supported by the function 
>xml_parse (replaced repectively by &#9; &#10; &#13; but when I try to parse 
>characters such as chr(#x0001) or chr(#x001F) (or others) the parser returns me an 
>error even if I replace them by &#x (x is the decimal ASCII code of the character). 
>Have you got an idea about it?
> I tried to find out an answer in the expat scripts used by the function, without any 
> Thank you for your answering.
> Best regards.
> Sébastien Molé.
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