The session.save_path have nothing to do with it.  I have that same problem
with the default path, "/tmp" when the session became a garbage collection
when the user quit the browser without logging off.  When the user quit the
browser then there's no way for the server to know that, so the session
stuffs stay active in the session.save_path.  You will have to either
manually clean it up weekly or use crontab to do the clean up for you at
night-time with the time-range the website is off-limit to the user.  This
is where people do the maintaince also.

"Lars Olsson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi all!
> The manual claims here (
> </snip>
> ...If session.save_path's path depth is more than 2, garbage collection
> will not be performed.
> </snip>
> Anyone know why this is the case? And can you get around it? My scripts
> currently lives on a shered server and I wanted to get away from using
> /tmp (which is the default). I changed the session_save path in my
> .htaccess file to:
> /home/httpd/vhosts/mydomainname/httpdocs/sessions/
> and created some sessions. The creation and destruction of sessions
> works fine as long as the user logs out correctly, but PHP fails to
> garbage collect sessions when the user just quits the browser. I've
> tried changing the session.gc_probability to 100 (and waited until
> session.gc_maxlifetime had passed), but it still doesn't work. Now I'm
> stuck with a bunch of "deserted" session files that don't seem to go
> away. Any ideas on how to solve this?

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