I'm aware that the server cannot "know" whenever a user just quits 
without logging out, but I was under the impression that the flags 
session.gc_maxlifetime and session.gc_probability in php.ini would 
control when and how often "leftover" session files would be removed. If 
this isn't true, what are these flags actually used for? Pretty 
confusing if you ask me...


Scott Fletcher wrote:
> The session.save_path have nothing to do with it.  I have that same problem
> with the default path, "/tmp" when the session became a garbage collection
> when the user quit the browser without logging off.  When the user quit the
> browser then there's no way for the server to know that, so the session
> stuffs stay active in the session.save_path.  You will have to either
> manually clean it up weekly or use crontab to do the clean up for you at
> night-time with the time-range the website is off-limit to the user.  This
> is where people do the maintaince also.

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