> I have one of the website on windows and I get the undefined offset
> I
> don't have that problem on UNIX / Linux.  Anyone know what method
> work??  Here's the script!  In this case, the $raw_data array is
empty, so
> window complain of the empty data by displaying hte error message,
> "Undefined offset ........".
> --clip--
> if ($raw_data[$num_count] != $match_array[$x]) {
> --clip--

It's now a Windows/Unix thing...your installations of PHP have different
error reporting levels set in PHP.ini. So, either change the error
reporting in PHP.ini or with the error_reporting() function, hide the
warning by using @, or check and make sure the variable exists before
you use it.

if(@$raw_data[$num_count] != $match_array[$x])


if(isset($raw_data[$num_count]) && $raw_data[$num_count] !=

Hmm...what are you doing, btw? Are you use you couldn't make use of

---John Holmes...

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