I am confident nearly all browsers support CSS.  Only the oldest still 
lingering out there will not.  But keep in mind your site is still readable 
if someone is still using an outdated browser.

Advantages - many  But the most important is consistency and 
centralization.  You can change the look of your entire site by modifying 
one or two files.  And it is much easier to have a novice come in and do 
basic edits to files.  For example, I teach my clients who want to post 
articles of their own how to do bold, italic, underline, header1...6 then I 
just drop in the include files for header and footer and make any links and 


Sailom wrote:

>  I just turn to use CSS instead of HTML style.  Can you explain pros and
> cons of using CSS?  I am quite concern about compatibility to client-side
> web browser.  Thanks
> Sailom

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