This sounds more like a sendmail issue to me. I've run into this a few times myself. 

What's happening is simple, sendmail has a file that it reads generally called 
"domains" this file tells sendmail what domains it should be handling mail for. When 
you submit your form the first thing sendmail is doing is checking that domains file, 
and if your domain is listed in that file sendmail will then handle the mail locally. 
So basically the server is sending mail to itself. You need to edit that domains file 
and remove the domain name in question. Once that's done sendmail will look outside 
the server for answers on what it needs to do with the mail delievery.

I can't remember the exact path off the top of my head because we use EXIM here (and 
it has the same issue) I would try either /etc/sendmail or /etc/mail or you can always 
do a find or whereis for "domains"

Hello all,

Having a real problem. Have written a very simple php email script that I'm
testing on our server. The script works fine if I set the 'to' field as any
email address but our own - i.e. [EMAIL PROTECTED] This works fine, however as
soon as I set the script to email me at the domain to which the server
resolves too it fails. I do not get a error message, it says that the mail
has been sent. The server runs Apache 1.3 and Php 4.1.2 (I will update to
4.2.2 once I have resolved this). The error logs on the server give no
indication of any problem. I cannot work this out at all - it simply will
not email to the same address as the DNS resolves its own IP address too.
Our mx records are held elsewhere.

I'm at complete loss on this one - I've been checking php.ini, httpd.conf
etc etc and cannot work out why this is happening. Php.ini is set too:

 /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
smtp localhost

do I need to set the smtp to point to the server that holds the mx records?

any help/advice much appreciated,



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