Hello all,

Having a real problem. Have written a very simple php email script that I'm
testing on our server. The script works fine if I set the 'to' field as any
email address but our own - i.e. [EMAIL PROTECTED] This works fine, however as
soon as I set the script to email me at the domain to which the server
resolves too it fails. I do not get a error message, it says that the mail
has been sent. The server runs Apache 1.3 and Php 4.1.2 (I will update to
4.2.2 once I have resolved this). The error logs on the server give no
indication of any problem. I cannot work this out at all - it simply will
not email to the same address as the DNS resolves its own IP address too.
Our mx records are held elsewhere.

I'm at complete loss on this one - I've been checking php.ini, httpd.conf
etc etc and cannot work out why this is happening. Php.ini is set too:

 /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
smtp localhost

do I need to set the smtp to point to the server that holds the mx records?

any help/advice much appreciated,



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