Howdy List,

Well, apparently we are no longer permitted to receive "personal" emails where I am 
working, so I'm afraid I'll have to part ways with the lot of you.  It's unfortunate, 
considering I think this one of the best places to find information about PHP (and 
more!) on the internet.  It sure as hell as taught me a lot about our craft.

To those that I have helped, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.  It has 
truly been MY pleasure.  You can always contact me at this address if you're in a 
bind, and I'll do what I can :o)

To those that have helped me, one HUGE THANK YOU!!!  You all are the best of the best, 
and I'll always been grateful for the advice and knowledge that you all have shared 
with me.  You are truly great people to be so generous.  Thank you again!

If anyone wants to contact me, you'll have to reply directly, as I'm unsubscribing 
after I send this last mail.  Against my will, no doubt, but leaving just the same.  
Take care, everyone, and as always...

Happy Coding! :o)

Martin Clifford
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