>Howdy List,
>Well, apparently we are no longer permitted to receive "personal" emails where I am 
>working, so I'm afraid I'll have to part ways with the lot of you.  It's unfortunate, 
>considering I think this 
one of the best places to find information about PHP (and more!) on the internet.  It 
sure as hell as taught me a lot about our craft.
>To those that I have helped, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.  It 
>has truly been MY pleasure.  You can always contact me at this address if you're in a 
>bind, and I'll do what I 
can :o)
>To those that have helped me, one HUGE THANK YOU!!!  You all are the best of the 
>best, and I'll always been grateful for the advice and knowledge that you all have 
>shared with me.  You 
are truly great people to be so generous.  Thank you again!
>If anyone wants to contact me, you'll have to reply directly, as I'm unsubscribing 
>after I send this last mail.  Against my will, no doubt, but leaving just the same.  
>Take care, everyone, and as 
>Happy Coding! :o)
>Martin Clifford
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>Developer's Forums: http://www.completesource.net/forums/
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Somebody actually told you this list has no value for the kind of work you do?
If you do any kind of web applications then I find that hard to believe that this list
wouldn't be considered an acceptable resource.

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