Looked in the archive and manual and came up with no luck, so here it goes.

My end result is to save the output of a PHP script as an HTML file in a specified 
directory on a WIN2K server.

my script is such...
<? PHP
function save_archive(){
$filename = "http://myserver.net/extranet/archive.php?jobid=1";;  
$fd = fopen( $filename, "r" ); 
$fd2 = fopen("ftp://me:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/extranet/test2.html";, "w");

while (!feof($fd)) { 
    $line = fgets($fd, 1024); 


I'm having a terrible time getting this to work. Is there a better way? Or can someone 
point me toward or post an example of some working function I could study???

Thanks so much my friends!
- NorhthBayShane

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