check chmods, if the directory where you're saving the $fd2 is not 777 
then it wont write, keep in mind it's a security issue however, use /tmp 
or instead of indicating paths in the file itself have include("file with 
the path to the dir") instead and put that .inc file off the reach of 
apache and ftp access,


>You haven't told us what the problem is, only that you're having trouble
>making it work. How is it not working? One other question: I have to
>assume that the script is running on a different server than the one
>your are trying to write to (otherwise, why use ftp?) - are you sure
>that the ftp server on that system supports passive ftp? In any case,
>fopen may not be the best approach to meet your needs, but you need to
>tell us more about what the actual problem is.
>On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 16:26, Shane wrote:
>> Looked in the archive and manual and came up with no luck, so here it goes.
>> My end result is to save the output of a PHP script as an HTML file in a 
>specified directory on a WIN2K server.
>> my script is such...
>> <? PHP
>> function save_archive(){
>> $filename = "";;  
>> $fd = fopen( $filename, "r" ); 
>> $fd2 = fopen("ftp://me:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/extranet/test2.html";, "w");
>> while (!feof($fd)) { 
>>     $line = fgets($fd, 1024); 
>>     fputs($fd2,$line); 
>>      } 
>> fclose($fd); 
>> fclose($fd2); 
>> }
>> ?>
>> I'm having a terrible time getting this to work. Is there a better way? Or 
>can someone point me toward or post an example of some working function I 
>could study???
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