On 07/31/2002 04:17 PM, Aaron Paxson wrote:
> I am currently using PHP 4.2.2 with Apache 1.3 on RedHat 7.2.  My email
> server is Exchange 5.5sp3
> SMTP is set correctly in my php.ini file, and have restarted Apache.
> However, I still cannot send out a simple text email:
> <?php mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]","Test","This is a test message"); ?>
> The function returns true, but no delivery is made.  In looking in my
> Exchange Queues, I do not see any sign of an email going through.  However,
> using an email client in KDE, email is sent just fine through SMTP.  Did I
> miss something?

mail() function has a very long track record for being buggy, especially 
under Windows were the PHP SMTP client code in used by mail() has to be 

I lot of people has overcame their mail problems using this SMTP client 
class that I recommend. If you still have delivery problems, you can 
still enable debug mode and see what the SMTP dialog shows.


This class is better used in conjunction with this for composing and 
sending MIME formatted messages:



Manuel Lemos

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