Excellent ideas Warren!!

Being the IT Systems Administrator, I administrate everything from the
firewalls to the exchange/DNS servers.  Everything seems to be okay there.

In doing another test, I was able to send out an email via my SMTP server to
other domains, just not to me.  It apparently did not use the
"sendmail_from" setting since the email says root.  I'll look at that issue
later <grin>

You are correct, that I am set to "not be a relay".  However, there is no
relaying involved, since it is coming from "within" my own domain.  Also,
the KDE environment works just fine with SMTP messaging, just not PHP.  I'm
wondering if I'm missing something.  I'm fairly new to PHP.  Maybe my
settings?  I just compiled PHP, Apache, and MySql just last week.

Thanks for the response!!!
"Warren Vail" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Outgoing email requires access to a SMTP client or relay.  To prevent
> relays from being used for SPAM, most shops will restrict which IP's can
> the relay.  Suggest you contact the administrators of your exchange
> and make sure the IP is on the list of eligible IP's for using the relay,
> install the smtp client software on your RedHat machine.  Another concern
> would be access to DNS serving the domains you intend to send mail to.
> SMTP client will need have access a good dns.  Key question, are you
> attempting to send email thru a firewall?  Unless you get the an ok for
> that, you may find your ability to send email limited to within the
> just a few ideas,
> Warren Vail
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> From: Aaron Paxson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 12:18 PM
> Subject: [PHP] I cannot use mail() ?!?
> I am currently using PHP 4.2.2 with Apache 1.3 on RedHat 7.2.  My email
> server is Exchange 5.5sp3
> SMTP is set correctly in my php.ini file, and have restarted Apache.
> However, I still cannot send out a simple text email:
> <?php mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]","Test","This is a test message"); ?>
> The function returns true, but no delivery is made.  In looking in my
> Exchange Queues, I do not see any sign of an email going through.
> using an email client in KDE, email is sent just fine through SMTP.  Did I
> miss something?
> Aaron
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