This is generally caused by using POST as the form's methods. Try using GET


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Subject: [PHP] Form asking to refresh when I hit the back button

> Not sure if this is a PHP question but I've traced the problem to a PHP
> statement.
> I have a form that when submitted, displays a PDF document in the browser
> (using a PDF library).  When I click on the back button, it should
> my form but instead, displays a warning that data has expired and I need
> refresh.  Now this never happened until recently so I look at recent
> and traced the problem to one single PHP statement at the top of my file:
> session_start();
> I am using sessions to pass values between pages and so added the
> to my page so that I could check the value of a variable.  When I comment
> out the above statement, I am no longer prompted to refresh.
> Question: How can I have my cake and eat it to?
> Thanks,
> Don
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