I write a few days ago to the list with a problem trying to find my ODBC DSN under 
linux debian. Well, i solve the problem, now i can find my dsn from PHP code, but its 
seems like it crash when i do a odbc_connect(...)

I know that unixodbc works becouse i test it with isql.

I have no warnings trying to find DSN, but now nothing happens. I suppose that it 
finds dsn but there is another error somewhere. But there is no logs, there is no 
output in the browser...  i dont know what to do, i have no information to try to 
resolve the error.

somebody can help me?

this is the reply from the browser;
The following error was encountered: 
Zero Sized Reply 
Squid did not receive any data for this request. 

this is my code:
<body >^M
echo "dl odbc loaded ok<br>";
echo "connected";

thanks in advance!

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