I use the following php code to build a dynamic table retrieving values from
a MySQL databases that have been inserted with slashes added -

     echo "<td width='100'><input name='descr' type='text' size='45'
maxlength='20' readonly value='".StripSlashes(mysql_result($badgedetails,
$i, 'descr'))."' tabindex='1'/></td>";

The problem is, if the value to be displayed is for example O'Neill, then
the output will look something like -

<td width='100'><input name='descr' type='text' size='45' maxlength='20'
readonly value='O'Neill' tabindex='1'/></td>

Quite correctly, when this page is rendered, all that will be displayed is O
as the apostrophe after the O will be treated as a closing parenthesis. I
understand AddSlashes and StripSlashes but how can I utilise them to resolve
this issue.

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