It´s driving me nuts, am in the middle of reading Mastering Regular
Expressions (O'Reilly), and because i like to learn whilst doing, well, you
can picture the rest.

Anybody please tell me why the following is not working

$test = "Hello, end why is not workin, END.";

echo $test .  "<br>";

//Finds beginning of a line, followed by e or E, and replaces it with A. At
least it should do it, but it doesn't ?
$tes = preg_replace("/^[eE]/", "A",  $test);

echo $tes;

Now i know damn well that this is a real simple example, and thus failing
here already makes me feel quite frustrated.

Any help or explanations as to what is wrong in the above example along with
a little explanation would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance for your time reading.

Best regards from Vienna,

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