No im not saying that, im merely saying that in my given example even if i
turn the Hello into Ello it does not replace it, besides :

^  = assert start of subject (or line, in multiline mode)       *

I took this directly from the PHP manual, so i assumed that the default mode
would be the first one, however, i tried the following and it looks like it
was the latter after all

$test = "ello, end this is now the End.";

$test = preg_replace('# *^e#i', 'A',  $test);

Will result into :          Allo, end this is now the End.

So, i guess you were right after all :)

Thanks for sticking with me though!

Best regards from Vienna,

> So you're saying this:
>   echo preg_replace("/^[eE]/", "A",  "Eek!");
> Does not result in "Aek!" ?
> --
> Jason Wong

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