I've got a site on a server where I can't change the php.ini setting for 
session.gc_maxlifetime, which is set at the default 1440 seconds.  My client 
wants to entend the time to an hour.  The only way I am aware of how to do 
this kind of thing is through ini_set.  However, the documentation says 
there are a number of configuration options which you can set using ini_set, 
but which don't work as expected because the options are already in effect 
before the script runs.  Is session.gc_maxlifetime one of those options?  
After all, ini_set is only supposed to be in effect for the duration of the 
script, which is not going to work if the whole point of sessions is to 
allow information to be preserved between pages (scripts).  So, can ini_set 
be used to set session.gc_maxlifetime in any meaningful way, and if not, is 
there another way to do it?


Neil Innes

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