Neil Innes wrote:
> I've got a site on a server where I can't change the php.ini setting for 
> session.gc_maxlifetime, which is set at the default 1440 seconds.  My 
> client wants to entend the time to an hour.  The only way I am aware of 
> how to do this kind of thing is through ini_set.  However, the 
> documentation says there are a number of configuration options which you 
> can set using ini_set, but which don't work as expected because the 
> options are already in effect before the script runs.  Is 
> session.gc_maxlifetime one of those options?  After all, ini_set is only 
> supposed to be in effect for the duration of the script, which is not 
> going to work if the whole point of sessions is to allow information to 
> be preserved between pages (scripts).  So, can ini_set be used to set 
> session.gc_maxlifetime in any meaningful way, and if not, is there 
> another way to do it?
> Ta,
> Neil Innes
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What kind of server do you use? On Apache, you can specify 
session.gc_maxlifetime in an .htaccess file (provided that Apache 
allowes overrides). On IIS I don't know if there's a way...



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