On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 08:58:41AM -0500,  Duncan MacLeod  wrote:
> I am only being able to list the first
> file in each of the directories.  Not the entire directory.
...  snip  ...

> Although, the only files I really need out of the
> directory are going to be '.JPG', '.jpg', '.GIF', '.gif', '.JPEG', '.jpeg'.

While this doesn't do exactly what your script does, it will point you in 
the right direction...



while ($FileName = readdir($DirHandle)) {
   switch ( substr($FileName, -4) ) {
      case '.jpg':
      case '.JPG':
      case 'jpeg':
      case 'JPEG':
      case '.gif':
      case '.GIF':
         $FileList[] = $FileName;

# Sort the list alphabetically:

echo '<ul>';
while (list(,$Name) = each($FileList) ) {
   echo "<li><a href=\"$Name\">$Name</a></li>\n";
echo '</ul>';


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