Hi Duncan:

On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 04:14:47PM -0500,  Duncan MacLeod  wrote:
> it seems as though this wold work great if I had the script running in a
> actual php.. the initial file is index.php but calls to indexcontent.inc
> that calls to another inc file that has the actual content info in it.

Where the script is doesn't matter.  You could include 5 billion layers 
deep and the operation I sent you will still work the same.

Regardless, the point of my code was to show you the direction you need to
start thinking in to properly read a directory and extract the names of
the files you're looking for.  If what I showed you doesn't suit your 
needs, then tweak things in your script and/or my script until they do.  
If there's a part of the example you don't understand, go to the manual 
and check it out.

>From what I quickly saw of your large script in your first posting, it 
seemed WAY overly complex for the simple task at hand. 

> maybe it would help if put a copy of the inc file and a copy of the php
> files..

Not really.  The likelyhood of someone wanting to read huge chunks of code
is low.  Especially when it's base64 encoded.  Posting such stuff (let
alone top posting w/o removing irrelevant parts of prior posts) to the
list wastes a lot of bandwith and disk storage space.



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