You are mixing up some things here.  JSP is server-side Java, applets are
client-side.  The two have very little to do with each other.  You can use
PHP and still send a Java applet to the browser, for example.

But if you are asking if doing client-side graphics with a java applet is
faster or slower than doing server-side graphics with PHP, then I'd say
the PHP version is likely yo always be faster as there is no applet
loading overhead, and additionally one must assume that your web server
machine is beefier than the client machines out there.  But you are really
comparing very different things here.


On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Kondwani Spike Mkandawire wrote:

> I'm still into PHP like crazy...  But I have been told JSP
> is more powerful how true is this?
> >From what I've read so far (tutorials and all), the syntax is
> 100% similar to Java i.e. it is basically Java with additional
> library functions...
> Now here's the story:  I am yet to use PHP with a Graphics
> library (The GD extensions I believe they are), so I don't
> know about their performace...  However the last time
> I wrote a decently large Java Applet, the browser took
> annoyingly long to load the applet...  If the same principle
> applies of having a JVM or a Java Interpreter embedded
> in the browser then I see no advantage to JSP apart from
> the point of protability...  (Unless the graphic libraries that
> support PHP are any slower)...   Could someone please
> comment...
> Spike...
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