My two cents:

I used Zope a while back for a university project, and I've been using
PHP for the best part of a year. Zope is very similar to PHP, but Zope
is better suited for the novice web designer / developer. Zope makes it
easy to interact with databases and allows you to iterate through a
result set using HTML-like tags (DTML) like:

<some HTML>
<dtml-in getAllMyData>
    <b><dtml-var getAllMyData["name"]</dtml-var></b>
</dtml-in> <!-- don't remember the exact syntax -->
<some more HTML>

Simple web application require very little or no programming. It also
allows you to edit the (HTML) source via a web browser, which (too some)
is an attractive feature. Zope is good for silly little DB apps, and
coding in Python is easy (although the syntax is probably a LOT
different to anything you've used before). AFAIK, it can do everything
that PHP can, but I believe that PHP is faster & it's definitely more
widely used and has a bigger user base.

Lee recommends PHP any day.

       - Lee

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