PHP releases a stable version (currently 4.2.2) which is suitable and stable
for a production environment.  My advice would ALLWAYS be to install the
latest stable version.  If you install an earlier version, or PHP3, you will
always be missing out on something (eg PHP3 doesn't have sessions).

Personally I'd install on *nix with the latest stable version of Apache and
MySQL (not >= 4), and compile PHP with the mcrypt options for encrypting
cc's, the enable_trans_sid option to make sessions a little easier, and a
few other goodies.  Of course you can recompile whenever you like.

Note: I've never done anything with Java servelets, so I can't answer you on
that stuff.

Justin French

on 11/08/02 7:23 PM, Steve Jackson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello all,
> I need some advice on which version of PHP & server to go with, as I am
> completely new to PHP.
> The website I am doing research for would need to be able to access a
> database in order to make the site interactive. Similar to the Microsoft
> Knowledge base at MSDN but for something totally different.
> Also the site would need to be able to process orders possibly with in built
> secure facilities that can process credit card numbers. I may outsource that
> side of the project but if I do it needs to seamlessly integrate with the
> website I am developing. Later I may need Java servelets as well so the
> server is going to have to be able to allow me to install support for them
> or have that already built in.
> Is PHP 4 established enough to develop this kind of project or should I look
> at PHP 3 instead?
> Any advice on a good server that would enable the points I suggested?
> Thanks.
> Steve Jackson
> Phone +358503435159
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