Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> So, depending on your sendmail configuration, and how you are invoking
> sendmail (see your php.ini file) it will be non-blocking if you tell
> sendmail to simply queue it.

Ok. I'll look into what settings are important in php.ini

> For high-volume mail delivery, you should be using a dedicated mailing
> list system.  Have PHP send a single message to the list and let the list
> system do the mass-delivery for you.  Right tool for the job and all...

Totally agree. But just what is "high-volume" is my question ... I guess 
I need to do some testing to find this out perhaps ...

Would you have any recommendations on a simple mailing list system that 
integrates well with PHP? I'm building a password protected site and 
want to email users their passwords and also allow people to have their 
passwords mailed to them.

There would be about 10,000 users so I figure the demand for passwords 
would be at most one per second during peak time.


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