> No, I mean PHP.  The 4.2.2 release was a security fix for 4.2.1 only.
> None of the changes for the past couple of months, including this one, is
> in it.

OK, but you said originally

> post_max_size and upload_max_filesize could not be set in your .htaccess
> file until recently.  It was changed about 3 weeks ago, so unless your
> provider is running a recent snapshot, you won't be able to get this to
> work.

and upload_max_file_size IS being changed by my .htaccess settings...(only 
post_max_size is not working)?! confused..! 8-)

> Yes, you will have them for your whole site.  If you want to limit them to
> a certain directory or a certain file, tell them to put the settings
> inside appropriate <Directory> or <Location> blocks.

OK, got it.

- Oliver

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