> As far as I know, __LINE__ and __FILE__ are "magic constants" which
> return the current line number and file name.

Sorry, I misunderstood exactly what you were looking for.
> whole script. If now an error occurs on line 362 for example, it is
> not easy to find the buggy code part, because this might be on line
> 15 in one of the source scripts.

How do you include the source scripts into the main scripts?  By using
include() or require()?  IIRC, __LINE__ and __FILE__ should work in 
cases like that telling you the line and file name of the source script, 
not the main script.

> Perl has a nice feature to achieve this, and I was wondering if
> something similar exists in php.

Apart from those two variables, none that I know of.  Though, that's not
to say something similar doesn't exist.


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