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> I have been asked by a rep at a large software dev company about any 
> websites live-to-the-world running OS X. We are, but we're not exactly 
> huge (max hits/day = approx. 1000, mostly internal).
> So, what sites are you aware of? They don't even have to be running PHP. 
> Please let me know.

We're running our search engine on OS X Server 
(; it's great--there's practically no system 
administration that needs to be done (that's all handled by Apple), and 
I can concentrate on the search engine software (we use ht://Dig).

We do use PHP on it, but for legacy links--I've got a PHP script that 
translates requests to the old search engine into requests that ht://Dig 

We've just purchased an XServe to replace our main web server, but have 
not yet installed it. That will use PHP extensively.

We're also using OS X Server to handle our mysql databases. 
( to see one front end to one of the 

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