That was my first thought but that wasn't it. To be sure, I urlencoded 
the file and looked at it:


No extra newlines that I could see.

FYI, if you run the program from the command line, you have to pipe the 
output to a pager or you will not see the last (extra) line since there 
is no newline character.

I'm using PHP 4.2.2 on Solaris sparc.


Kevin Stone wrote:
> The only explaination is that 'vi' is putting an extra line in there that
> you're not seeing.
> -Kevin
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> From: "Monte Ohrt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 11:05 AM
> Subject: [PHP] fgets question
>>Hi, I have a question about fgets(), it seems to pick up an extra line
>>at the end of a text file.
>>example, I open a new file named "test" with the vi editor and make it 8
>>lines long like so (showing newlines as \n):
>>I create this PHP program and run it:
>>$fd = fopen ("test","r");
>>while (!feof ($fd)) {
>>     $buffer = fgets($fd, 4096);
>>     echo "buffer is $buffer";
>>fclose ($fd);
>>Here is the output (showing newlines as \n):
>>buffer is 1\n
>>buffer is 2\n
>>buffer is 3\n
>>buffer is 4\n
>>buffer is 5\n
>>buffer is 6\n
>>buffer is 7\n
>>buffer is 8\n
>>buffer is
>>My question, why is there an extra line? Or in other words, how do I get
>>this to loop exactly 8 times if there are only 8 lines?
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