Hi guys,

I'm looking to get a specific bit of data out of a slightly complex amount
of data.
Ok, I have this in a variable:

    Dir : /home/eXtremail/mbox/i-redlands.net/3/1/liam
    Forward :
    Copy :
    Account mapping :
    User Disk Quota : 0
    Disk Space Used : 0
    Max In Mail Size : 0
    Max Out Mail Size : 0
    Autoreply : No
    Mailbox Access : POP,IMAP
    Created : Sat Jul 6 09:21:23 2002
    Status : Enabled

This is different for every user as you can see.  For instance, the Dir is
different for everyone, such is the Created date.
I need to extract the User Disk Quota and the Disk Space Used variables out
of this.  How would I go about doing that?

Is there an easier function to use than ereg_replace?

Thanks in advance!

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