Liam, when you want to post a new message to the list don't just hit the 
reply button and change the subject. If you do that you message appears 
in the thread of the message you replied to.

It really messes things up for people who follow message threads. And 
worse you might not get any answers to your question since your question 
has nothing to do with the thread your posting now becomes part of.

To answer you question though:

I don't know of any short-hand for what you want to do. But this should 

if ( ($idx != "1") && ($idx == "4") && ($idx == "9") ) {

You could also look into using a regexp.


Liam Mackenzie wrote:
> Ok, I'm having a blonde day...
> If $idx == 1, 4 or 9 I don't want it to echo $results.
> I have this, what's the syntax to put multiple values in there?
> if ($idx != "1") {
> echo"$results";
> }
> Thanks,
> Liam

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