This have been very much discussed in this list, and the only logical
way of doing this through PHP would be to have a script that reads the
actual date of the server's system once a day, but that would be just
impossible without having that script (page) reloaded at least once a

I think there are two way of doing this. First, would be to setup a cron
job under unix (which I don't know so I'm guessing here) and second,
which is the easiest, would be to have that script in a page with
refreshing META tags, so it would refresh itself every 24 or 12 hours.

Does this make any sense? C.

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> Subject: [PHP] Automatically send email on special day
> Hi all,
> My site maintain a list of members, which i knew their birthday, and i
> want
> to send a email greeting to them on their birthday, of course,
> automatically.
> How can i do that?
> Thanks in advance
> Nowhereman
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