PHP is installed, but are you sure that is loaded by apache??
look the httpf.conf (i have slack but usually is in /etc/apache or 
/etc/apache2 depends of the version) for a line like this:
Include /etc/apache2/mod_php.conf
be sure than that line is uncommented. if not, uncomment it and restart 
apache (apachectl restart)

if this donīt work, tellme more about yor system (i guess than you are 
using apache but i really dont know what server you are using..)
let me know, ok?


Paul wrote:
> Hello;
> I have a Mandrake 8.2 machine that I'm trying to get a php webmail
> application running on. Apache is running, php is installed, and when I
> attempt to view/use index.php my browser offers to download "index.php"
> for me. I have tried 4 different browsers on three different machines.
> I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong. Can someone point me in the
> right direction?
> Thanks so much in advance.
> Paul Kelly

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