You can't send headers after the page has left the server.  If you try to write to the 
HTML file in ANY way, even a hard return in your code, then you are telling the server 
that the headers have been completed and should be sent to the client (browser).

Martin Clifford
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>>> Varsha Agarwal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/29/02 04:00PM >>>
I am trying to run a sample program. It connects to a
postgres database verifies user name and password and
if correct, displays the login screen.
But in that program wherever there there are
setcookies() or header() functions, I get following

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers
already sent by (output started at
var/www/html/processing.php:5) in
/var/www/html/common.php on line 63

I checked the settings of my browser, it can accept
all cookies.
Someone help please!!!

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