Has anyone bumped into or written a set of good searching routines? I need
to search across one,two, or three fields in an MySQL database in either
exact phrase (easy) or keyword with relavence (difficult.)  I'm thinking
something like a google/yahoo style search.  I've tried MySQL full text
searches, but the results it returns seem to be just a little to broad and
you end up with a bunch of irrelevant results.  

With respect to the database size that I'm searching in, right now it's
about 20MB but I'm guessing that within the next 24 months it will be up
around 2GB.  The first field I'm searching in is a CHAR(255) field.  The
second field  is a small blob and usually is only about 1 paragraph of text.
The thrid field is an entire HTML document and can be many many pages long.

Any help is appreciated,

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