on 16/08/02 1:50 AM, David Buerer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Because to my knowledge the limitation of a TEXT field is 64K. I need to
> store entire documents in the database which far exceed the 64K limitation.
> Given that criteria, the only option is to use blob fields which have an
> upper limit of roughly 4GB.

I can't see that in the manual:

"The maximum size of a BLOB or TEXT object is determined by its type, but
the largest value you can actually transmit between the client and server is
determined by the amount of available memory and the size of the
communications buffers. You can change the message buffer size, but you must
do so on both the server and client ends. See section 5.5.2 Tuning Server

It'd be worth testing this.

Anyway, you don't to like FULLTEXT, so the next option is to create an
indexing system... you need to batch process all your large tables, indexing
all words EXCEPT your chosen noise words, as FULLTEXT does, but to suit your
own needs I guess.

Personally, I'd be testing the limitation of TEXT thoroughly first, then
attempting to implement a FULLTEXT search engine, THEN looking at rolling my
own from scratch if all that didn't work out...

Justin French

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> Why would you have text in blob fields?????????????????
> Justin French
> on 16/08/02 1:25 AM, David Buerer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> I'd like to agree. But i've speant a lot of time investigating, learning,
>> and expirimenting with Full Text search and what I've found is that first,
>> full text does not always return the right results and second and perhaps
>> more important in my situation is that full text search doesn't work on
>> fields.
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>> I only just started getting into this, but it seems that a LOT of the work
>> is done for you with MySQL's FULLTEXT stuff.... Check it out in the MySQL
>> manual.
>> Justin French
>> on 16/08/02 12:59 AM, David Buerer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>>> Has anyone bumped into or written a set of good searching routines? I
> need
>>> to search across one,two, or three fields in an MySQL database in either
>>> exact phrase (easy) or keyword with relavence (difficult.)  I'm thinking
>>> something like a google/yahoo style search.  I've tried MySQL full text
>>> searches, but the results it returns seem to be just a little to broad
> and
>>> you end up with a bunch of irrelevant results.
>>> With respect to the database size that I'm searching in, right now it's
>>> about 20MB but I'm guessing that within the next 24 months it will be up
>>> around 2GB.  The first field I'm searching in is a CHAR(255) field.  The
>>> second field  is a small blob and usually is only about 1 paragraph of
>> text.
>>> The thrid field is an entire HTML document and can be many many pages
>> long.
>>> Any help is appreciated,
>>> David

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